The family thematic Skazov Park

What to do in the Skazov Park?

“Skazov Park” is a family thematic park, dedicated to the traditional Ural folk culture, the tales of Bazhov, and to the Russian fairy tales in general. The idea of the park is to preserve the Ural’s region history and its authenticity, to revitalize Ural’s traditions, and to help tourists discover this region’s unique culture. “Skazov Park” is situated on the banks the Iset River next to an old pine forest. The guests are greeted by the tale characters that propose riddles and tell stories.

1 Discover the Ural’s culture
2 Listen to the ancient legends
3 Participate in folk art
4 Get familiar with Ural peasants’ way of life and domestic household
5 Relax in the guest houses and Russian sauna
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Skazov Park attractions include:

1 The path of Ural Tales
2 The hut of Baba Yaga
3 The lodge of Wooden Troll
4 The house of the Bear
5 The peasant farmstead of grannie Nina
6 The Master of the Copper Mountain
7 The cave of “The Mistress of the Copper Mountain”
8 The palace of the Ural Father Frost and “Vesna Krasna” - The Spring Beauty
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1. A sightseeing tour

At the entrance guests will be greeted by the mythical tale dwellers of the Skazov Park that will invite guests to participate in an exciting excursion. You will discover the story of the park’s creation, its secrets and legends, and see all at the houses and its’ inhabitants. Moreover, you will be able to take a walk and explore the Park, relax on the banks of the river and enjoy the view, and feel the atmosphere of this cozy and unique place. Don’t forget to visit the chapel, to ring the bells and to make a wish, which will surely come true!

Price per person: from 350 rubles.

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2. The Ural evening (soirée).

At the entrance you will be greeted by the artists in traditional costumes, and in accordance to the Russian folk tradition, you will be offered freshly baked bread with salt. You will have a chance to participate in the traditional Russian games and roundelays. After you will visit the peasant farmstead of grannie Nina and will have a delicious lunch cooked in the traditional stove and will try Ural herbal tea in a cozy atmosphere. Furthermore, you will be able to see all the animals that live on the farm and even feed them! At the end of the program if you wish so you can enjoy a traditional Russian sauna.

Price per person: 1070 rubles. (without Russian sauna) | 1570 rubles. (with Russian sauna) | 1890 rubles. (with Russian sauna and Russian beverages).

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3. Traditional Ural fun games.

Baba Yaga awaits you, she will invite you inside only if you play with her! Pass by the lodge of Wooden Troll and try to climb inside! And, of course, the Ural peasant farmstead of grannie Nina. There you will feel loved and welcomed, there is an atmosphere of grannie’s warmth and Russian culture. In the farmstead you will see the household of Ural peasants and will try delicious herbal tea and pie. The most interesting thing will be waiting for you in the yard: goats, sheep, horses, donkeys, chickens, rabbits and a cow. You can pet and feed everyone!

Price per person: 850 rubles.

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4. The legends of Ural treasures.

This program is dedicated to the tales of Bazhov. At first, you will visit the cave of the Master of the Copper Mountain and will discover all her secrets. Afterwards, you can test your strength on the Ural Tales path and see if you can overcome all the obstacles and come out a winner! You will visit the house of artisan Danila and will see a unique collection of stones of the Master of the Copper Mountain, and even get a chance to make a souvenir form the stones by yourself. The program ends with a tea party during which you will learn a lot of interesting things about Ural peasants’ daily life.

Price per person: 980 rubles.

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Festivals in the Skazov Park in 2018:

2 june 2nd of June – Children’s holiday “Bright world”.
30 june - 1 july 30th of June – 1st of July – 10th international festival and market of folk crafts “Malachite jewellery box”.
21 july 21st of July – Tea & sweets festival “Ivan – Chai”.
4 august 4th of August – Family holiday of the Ural Father Frost and summer.
2 september 2d of September – Birthday of Baba Yaga and her students’ initiation ceremony.
22 september 22d of September – Folk market and the Harvest holiday.
1 december 1st of December – Birthday of The Ural Father Frost.
31 december - 1 january 31st of December – 1st of January – New Year’s celebration in the Skazov Park.
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Contact us:

1, Skazov Park street, Aramil, Sysertski district, Sverdlovsk region, Russia
Telephone: (343) 372-06-03.
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